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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Balsam Professional & Balsam Enterprise
On 2011-04-27 Alberto wrote:

2011/4/27 Koushik Kumar Nundy <kknundy@xxxxxxxxx>:
It appears that the openSUSE project has no official
stance for or against Balsam, and I personally feel it shouldn't
have one either, so there really isn't much we can do about it.
Another company, another product. Apparently end of story. Let us
worry about the openSUSE project. Let openSLX worry about Balsam.

It actually is another company, same product. And it seems largely at
the expenses of the openSUSE project, which does most of the job
without getting anything back. Someone claims openSLX contributes to
openSUSE, but how? Splitting the community with the creation of their
support site and redirecting users there? Taking advantage of two
projects from Novell without benefits for our community? Because the
benefits of Balsam Enterprise will only be for them it seems.

Not having a position on that does not seem a good idea to me,
especially when the position was very clear when the internal
community to the openSUSE project tried to do something similar. It
frankly seems that community members have to pay a price others do
not have to pay, and it comes natural to ask what is the advantage
of contributing to a project that works this way.

openSUSE didn't do it out of concern for Novell's opinion. openSLX
decided otherwise - which is entirely their right.

Novell has not said anything about this whole thing as:
1. it is vaporware right now (SLE 12? Anyone has any idea when that'll
be released? Probably won't be anytime soon...)
2. just gives attention to something which shouldn't get any

Now about the questions on openSLX contributions to openSUSE: they do
contribute but have a tendency to do it in a hidden fashion. The reason
for that is unclear to me. I do know it's how they've worked with Novell
in the past so I have a strong suspicion it's not just their choice but
was actually requested by Novell from them. Not sure why.

Whatever the reasons for doing it quietly or methods of contribution,
yes, they contribute. They contributed to our wiki, sponsored our
conference and have people working on and within openSUSE (like Sebas,
Rupert and others). Of course they don't contribute as much as Novell
but they're a small company so it's not a fair comparison imho...

And JDD has a very good point:
If any company use openSUSE as base, his vey interest is to help

anyway we should more focus on making openSUSE better than looking at
the other people's dishes

This is exactly how I feel. If openSLX wants to do this - fine. It is a
bit sad they decided to rename their openSUSE box to Balsam Professional
but that's their choice too. They still build on openSUSE technology and
work within our community - so that's all we need to cooperate, a common
interest. And honestly I think the Plasma Active and Tablet stuff is
really cool and I wish we would get over this and all work on that so we
can talk about it as an openSUSE project...

Let's skip the politics and get back to work please! :D



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