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Re: [opensuse-project] Versionitis - Results (Or: The next openSUSE release is openSUSE 12.1)
On Tue, 2011-04-26 at 05:06 +0200, Carlos E. R. wrote:
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On Wednesday, 2011-04-06 at 10:06 +0200, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
The voting on how to do the versioning is over and the "old school"
has won by 55 per cent (of 98 participants). Thanks to all that
participated in the two votes and the discussion around the topic.
That's a small percent.
Allow me to bring out a different point, on the vote method itself: there
was no posibility to vote with a "blank vote". Me, I could not vote due to

Not that it matters - but +1; I didn't vote because I don't care. I
think this issue is heat, not light [or "sound and fury amounting to
nothing", if you prefer that metaphor].

A versioning scheme, unless it is insanely complex [like the madness
that is the Cisco ISO versioning], isn't going to matter at all as to
what Joe-Sixpack does or does not 'understand'. Joe is (a) not that
stupid if (b) he actually cares.

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