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Re: [opensuse-project] Balsam Professional & Balsam Enterprise
Am 20.04.2011 20:51, schrieb Wolfgang Rosenauer:
Am 20.04.2011 20:15, schrieb Pascal Bleser:
On 2011-04-20 19:16:43 (+0200), Kim Leyendecker<kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx>
The two Balsam products would realize this missed "feature". Are we
support these guys at open-SLX who are creating this distro?
First thing I have to say. I liked (and still like) the idea that
openSUSE still can be ordered as a product so in general I found it a
good thing that open-slx took over.

1) never announced on any of the opensuse mailing-lists or
forums or whatever or, if so, very well hidden

2) none of us non-openslx-employees-opensuse-community-members
have ever heard of it until very recently, by chance
I don't like the way how open-slx does community work. Actually I'm
wondering if they fear to interact with the community or they consider
it useless. (There even is a community manager but I'm not sure which
community is managed here).

3) there has not been any request for permission to use the
openSUSE trademarks for this derivative work
According to
(german language) the reason for renaming the product was partly because
of the openSUSE trademark.

4) its description says it adds proprietary packages and drivers
to openSUSE -- I wonder which and if it's nVidia or ATI/AMD
or madwifi drivers, it would infringe on the kernel license
(GPL), reason for which Novell is not including it in the
distribution nor its repositories, nor allowing it to be
hosted on any server on Novell's infrastructure
That might be true and I'm not commenting more on legal stuff.

5) given the name "Balsam" and it's German meaning ("putting
balsam on someone's heart" = "soften the pain"), and the lack
of communication (to say the least), as well as one infamous
initiative open-slx took recently with,
it does make me wonder whether they just believe that we suck
and that they have to solve everything on their own without
involving us at all
Exactly. That's what I tried to say above.

Well, thanks for answering to both of you.

So, there isn´t any collaboration on this products between openSUSE/Novell and open-slx as I understood it right. I think I have to ask at open-slx and Novell as well to beeing sure, because I actually wanted to blog about it and creating an article for news.o.o.

Well, I don´t know who is not working together with us or not, and I think we shouldn´t discuss it here on the list. So, thanks for you answers guys.

A side note for the open-slx readers, if you felt touched:

Please, if you want to work together with openSUSE let us know. We have a great community manager and a great programm manager who do great work for people who starting contribute to the community.

Your product looks really interesting and "Balsam Enterprise" is a big chance for SLE to take over the market leadership (Look at Red Hat. RHEL is so successfull because there two clones and they allow you to test RHEL till whenever you want... A free SLE-clone would make SLE more open and of course, more successfully, believe me.)

kind regards

Kim Leyendecker (kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx)
openSUSE Ambassador / openSUSE Wiki Team DE
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