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Re: [opensuse-project] iChain or iPain?
Am 20.04.2011 21:13, schrieb Stephen Shaw:
I don't have a problem with how this was handled. I don't think it
came as a surprise to anyone that they were switching. Where this was
something that was impacting a mission critical service opening it up
to the community would have only pushed the fix off. I mean
seriously. Look at any of the "way-too-many mailing-lists" and the
discussions on them. It takes us weeks if not months to argue over
the topic to only have everyone get upset and walk away from it. And
heck, even on the occasion that we actually arrive at a decision,
close the topic, effectively implement it we still have people rehash
it over and over again.

So, the long and short of my rant. If getting OBS back to a stable
state in a matter of days/couple weeks meant cutting out the weeks of
arguing over what implementation would in theory be better, then I'll
take the executed decision any day (when talking about getting a
mission critical service back up and running correctly).

I basically agree with your points above.

Just as a side note... How many community people currently contribute
to the development/design of OBS? I'd say with exception they are the
only ones in any real position to give advise here.

That's not true at all. This doesn't have much to do with OBS but mainly
with SSO for webservices and there might be community people knowing
about that stuff.

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