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Re: [opensuse-project] oSConference: Theme & Program Planning
I've already deleted the other thread on conference planning so
apologies for creating a new one. However, I've been thinking about
this for several days and wanted to put forward some thoughts.

I understand the desire to continue a successful theme, however,
'Collaboration across borders II' sounds stale to me. It's like we
couldn't think of anything better and so are repeating last year's
conference. The fact that the intention is to create some very
different and hands-on experiences with lots of fresh new material is
not communicated by the title. As a writer, I find it completely
boring and am finding it impossible to muster any interest in it at

In contrast, the 'RW^3" idea immediately fired my imagination. I'm
not sure why this funky, geeky idea was discarded. I'd be more than
happy to look at alternatives, but 'Collaboration Across Borders II"
is completely boring to me. I'd suggest themes connected with core,
heart, center, engines, to connect with the idea of focusing on core
essentials. Alternatively, mateship - partners, friends,
student/teacher, neighbors, coffee klatch, code klatch,
(kode.klasse.klatsch) open house, , - something people-focused.

If you're content with a re-tread of last year's theme that's fine,
but be prepared to work harder on emphasizing the differing content.
Unless of course it is going to be pretty much last year revisited.

IRC: helen_au
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