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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Come and help!
Am 17.04.2011 00:07, schrieb Peter Linnell:
Certainly, the forums admins and moderators should never hesitate to
contact developers, packagers or the board when important topics need
clarification or feedback.
Why not more using openSUSE weekly news? I think almost everyone of use reads the new issues, and I think many developers reads it on the mailinglist. So, why not creating a part which named "Meet for Developers" where threads are, which needs love and help from a developer or packager?

Or just do it over the factory/project-list. I think it´s not wrong to forwarding threads to the mailinglists, where the whole developers are. I mean, support is the one thing, but the other thing is, that developers get paid for the thing they normaly do best: writing and support code.

It´s the work of support guys to help the users. Normaly they do it on their own or using wikis and faqs. But there is nothing wrong when they contact a developer.

As an example: I had a few things, that I would make better for openSUSE 11.4 during the development phase. I contacted an opensuse-mailadress and get answer from Andreas Jaeger. Since them I´m regular on mailinglists and try to make openSUSE better and more popular (see my blog).

So if you ask me, more *Support-guys* have to be on the forums. I see them as a connection-tool between the "stupid" user and the "allmighty" developer.


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