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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Come and help!
Am 15.04.2011 17:38, schrieb Greg Freemyer:

I occasionally use forums. They work well for the one off question
about something you don't want to "dive" into.

For instance I had to work on my fridge a year or so ago. I went to a
forum. Asked one question, had an answer the next day and went on
with my life.

It's much more of a hassle to of:
subscribed to a appliance repair mailing list,
posted my question,
received dozens or hundreds of emails I didn't care about,
deleted all those emails I didn't want in the first place
received my answer,
stay subscribed in case it turns into a thread

I for one would call those dozens of emails spam.

So for me as a user, I use forums for things I really don't want to
track. I use email lists for things nearer and dearer to me.
Also I´m not a developer nor a packager, I think the only reason why these people are "hating" forums so much, is the easy point that their are too much "newbies" I mean, if I were a programmer, I would feel ripped when I have to read:

[bad typo is planned, no worry]

"How the KDE controll center works?"

dear comunity!

i´m new to opensuse and i installed it today on my harddisk. now i´ve got the kde controll center and don´t know how to handle with it. how can i change my wallpaper

thank you

by the way: opensuse is the best distro alive!


Do you understand? You need a little bit of technical understanding to subscribe to a mailinglist,and so their more people who have a clue about what they doing.

By the way, I really hate the API of the most forums and working via e-mail is much better if you ask me :) And, quite frankly, I don´t know why, but my account seems to be "locked" or "inactive" because I can´t answer to a thread even if I wanted to reply :/


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