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On Monday, April 11, 2011 07:54:31 AM Bruno Friedmann wrote:
On 04/11/2011 11:13 AM, Rajko M. wrote:
On Monday, April 11, 2011 03:46:06 AM Bruno Friedmann wrote:

Drew there's two aspects :
First numbering is now fixed, and please don't come back to this before
2020 :-)


Your proposal is pretty good (should have been proposed two months ago),
but imply human power to release each iso. So such future proposal,
should be made, once a real team of people is able to manage it, and
for several years. (ask coolo how much time / work is needed for each
release) Otherwise we will just make a new long thread of words.

I'm feel so sorry now :-)

If someone comes with good idea before versions are applied is still good
time, specially that current decision is made between our own identity
and accepting numbering applied by other distros, nothing that really
improves user experience.

Making release with software that already has patches and patches are
tested as good is not that much work as stabilizing factory.

For me major improvement is that users downloading media will get one
installation media to download plus modest number of patches that are
released since last version, which is substantial improvement over
current system where installation of released version is followed with
hundreds of MB of download for updates.

This may not be a problem at home where you have thick download pipe and
hours to do installation and updates, but at friends site shorter is
better. You come with patched DVD and in one hour you are done,
including first steps how to use. No distribution offers this now, and
as they don't have OBS they will need some time to catch up.

+100, yes I can change my mind ...
As I've said, if it's REALLY feasible, and his better than the actual or
near future. Do it!

Well Bruno,

I think its good that you and Rajko see the value in this idea. I think the
important thing to do is to find out if this is possible... even if the
frequency of the minor releases would be signifgently lower than what I had
proposed (maybe we only do a minor every 2 months between majors - 12.1,
12.2, 12.3)

I know that making a release is work (that's why I actually did run this by
Coolo before presenting it here. He told me to Propose it... only adding that
he will not be available to work on additional releases.). Keep in mind that
the minor releases wold NOT be a FULL release as it would only add the
patches to the major release. Adding these shouldnt be too hard with KIWI if
we have the right volunteer. It's like Rajko said, it's not like we would
have to stabilize factory with every minor as the patches are already deemed

Do you know how long it would take to create a working image with the current
patches applied? If that is something that can be estimated I would love to
see a rough idea on how long it would take.

Drew Adams

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