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Re: [opensuse-project] Linux Tag 2011 in Berlin?
On 2011-03-25 Christian wrote:

on Dienstag, 15. März 2011, Christian Boltz wrote:
on Dienstag, 15. März 2011, Jos Poortvliet wrote:

c) be accepted for a talk and get a sponsored room in the hotel
paid by LinuxTag

In the meantime I got a notification from LinuxTag that c) is an
option for me :-)

Funnily they chose the "Hotel Gates" and I'll give a talk about wine
[1] together with Marcus.
Sounds like enough pun, even if it was probably not intended ;-)

That also means that the SUSE ppl also have to put their names in
this wiki page or they have to sleep under a bridge ;-)

That might be difficult - Berlin is quite flat and doesn't have too
many bridges IIRC *g*

Looks like several people prefer bridges - until now we only have 3
persons listed on

I'll be in Berlin from 12th to 14th and, given the vast responses ;-)
on this topic, I tend to stay in the speaker's hotel.
Upgrading the hotel room to two persons is quite cheap (IIRC 10 € per
night), so if someone wants to share a room with me, please tell me.
(But note that this is only possible for the two nights from 12th to

I'm still open to the idea of having all openSUSE people in the same
hotel if we can decide on it quickly. (LinuxTag expects the hotel
reservations for the speaker's hotel until and of march.)

Yep, I prefer it too.

Ok, I know we have quite a few people who will give a talk at Linux Tag
Berlin. Many of these will probably get a few nights in the LinuxTag
Hotel, so it probably makes most sense to all gather there.

We, as in Novell, can book for you if you put your name in
before next Friday. Otherwise it is up to you. Of course if your boss
can pay or if your rooms can get paid by LinuxTag please take that - it
saves us money which can be used for other ambassadors etc...

So sign up to have fun with the rest of us :D



Christian Boltz

[1] similar to my talk on the openSUSE conference, including the wine
tasting - but this time in german

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