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Re: [opensuse-project] GSOC Idea: Command line client for SSC
Thanks for the feedback. I've put my thoughts inline.

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 1:53 PM, Cornelius Schumacher <cschum@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thursday 24 March 2011 06:52:12 Ratan Sebastian wrote:
Here's some of the commands the client would have. I had a look at osc
and the Studio API in coming up with this. Let me know what you think.

That's a good start. One general problem we have to solve is how to make it
clear, which commands work in which context. The list you made includes
commands which work locally, like the files commands, and commands which work
remotely like the templates or appliances commands, and to make things more
complicated there are commands which need both, like the diffs.

The way I thought it might work is that only commands involving GET
requests perform the action immediately(searches, listing, diffs) .
Anything involving a PUT, POST or DELETE (adding or deleting
repositories, packages) will be stored locally and the actions aren't
performed until the `ssc commit` command is run. (This could be made
flexible with some sort of --perform-now flag appendable to all those
commandswhich runs the commit for that particular change). So
basically any action that requires information from the API will
require you to be connected whereas any changes that you make can be
done locally. I think that's a intuitive scheme.

Additionally it makes a difference, if you call the client within an appliance
or outside of an appliance. All this could be very confusing. I think we need
a consistent scheme how to deal with that, so it's clear which commands apply
to what, if you see and change things locally or remotely, and which appliance
is the context.

One option could be to separate command line tools, and have one for working
inside an appliance and another one for working independent of a local
appliance. But this could also be reflected in the structure of the commands.
Ideas and good concepts are welcome.

Maybe we could move all the commands that require you to be in the
appliance directory into an appliance namespace (i.e. ssc appliance
respository add) and generic commands can be used outside like(ssc
repository search). Another option is to keep the commands as is. In
this case it would load the values of the different parameters as
required from the manifest file or from the options and errors out if
any parameter is unspecified.

Cornelius Schumacher <cschum@xxxxxxx>

Ratan Sebastian
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