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Re: [opensuse-project] GSoC 2011: Bug reporting tool.

on Dienstag, 22. März 2011, Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur wrote:
I was thinking on something like, at install request for the user's
username and password and, optionally, for his e-mail address, so I
wouldn't have to find a way to extract data from the profile. Seemed
easier. What do you think? :)

IMHO asking for the mail address is superfluous because bugzilla already
knows it.

In detail: If you (or $tool) enter a bugreport in bugzilla, bugzilla
auto-fills the "reporter" field depending on the logged in user. The
mail notification about the bugreport, additional comments, status
changes etc. are also handled by bugzilla already. This means the bug
reporting tool does not need to know the email address at all.

Well, this might change if you want to provide more features, for
example bug lists like "bugs reported by me" or "bugs where I'm in CC" -
but this is probably nothing you want to implement in a "report a bug"
tool. (I won't object to have a complete desktop client for bugzilla ;-)
but this would be far beyond a bugreporting tool...)

What I'd consider more important is a duplicate check - based on the
package (and repo?) and/or on the summary of the bugreport.

Which brings up a more interesting question that is not really solvable
with $tool: The user needs to know which package causes the bug. This
might be easy in some cases ("xy crashes"), but can become quite
difficult in other cases (random crashes, slowness etc.). is quite helpful to answer
this question (and might give you some ideas), however I'm not sure if
the page is helpful for average users.
Maybe having a multi-step "find the right package" assistant [1] and/or
offering various methods ("click the window of the buggy program") in
the bugreporting tool could make this easier.

That said: regarding the assignee, it can only become better than the
current situation in bugzilla where most bugreports initially go to the
(overworked?) screening team and take lots of time until they reach the

Oh, and I just see I might have something to celebrate soon ;-)
Bugzilla says I have reported 972 bugs (starting with SUSE Linux 9.2
[2]) - that's not too far from 1000 bugreports. Let's hope I won't reach
the 1000 with 11.4 ;-)


Christian Boltz

[1] just an idea: this assistant could regularly update the options it
offers online so that we can react to unclear parts or "popular"
buggy programs easily.

[2] that means that not all of my bugreports are public - the 9.x
reports are non-public AFAIK.
* fixed disabling Composite extension; script replaced "Option"
with "Optioff" :-(
[Stefan Dirsch in opensuse-commit]
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