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Re: [opensuse-project] How to name our releases?
Am 11.03.2011 17:18, schrieb Juergen Weigert:
How about 'important persons that recently lost their jobs'?
'openSUSE 11.4 Guttenberg' comes to mind.:-)
Okay, We can discuss political stuff here right know, if you asking me, but some people will get angry and so on.... And if you ask me about _Dr._ Guttenberg, I become really unfriendly, because he losts his job and he´s a victim of the press here and so on....

But let talk about the release names NOW!

We´ve already codenames since openSUSE 11.2, right? Maybe we continue the "SuSE-scheme" using minor-releases from .1 to 3 and then a following major release, but we try to pushing the codename more. So we´ve got the "must have" that everybody can see, which release is newer (logical thing: 11.4 is newer then 11.3 and 12.0 is of course newer than 11.4!) and the codename.

The Mandriva-idea by the way looks interesting, because the distribution itself won´t really change by the time, because it´s "just" a compilation of software. The software, that we ship with it (Linux, Firefox, LibreOffice, KDE, GNOME, LXDE "what-ever-you-want 1.43" will change, not the distro.

From my point of view, these two ways are the best. But in general, I don´t support version numbers, I support the distro!


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