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Re: [opensuse-project] How to name our releases?
Op 11-03-11 10:56, Oddball schreef:
Op 11-03-11 09:52, Karsten König schreef:
On Friday 11 March 2011 09:34:14 Andreas Jaeger wrote:

7. "Seasons": "Season YYYY" since March is in spring, July in summer,
and November is in autumn.
Next release is: Autumn 2011
Following releases: Summer 2012, Spring 2013, Autumn 2013, Summer
Sounds cute and is no rip off from the other ones.

I am not entitled to vote so it will not count, but i like it most of all others..
(why call it somebody elses name anyway?.. but as said.. i am nobody..)

I did not know there were countries with no seasons!
I also did not realize summer is in Northern or southern parts in another month, which is quiet obvious though...
11.1,2,3, would have been most logical as it always has been that way...
What is wrong with that anyways?
There then only would be one .4, which would always remind at the time this issue was at hand..
The kernels have names, why not automaticly use that name, in combination with the version number? (so with kernel changes, the name would change.
(then there would be the struggle who would be in power to 'invent' the name for each kernel..)

Than there is the suggestion of let the version be the release year, and with two releases there would be only: .0 and .1
Always making clear first and second release.


Enjoy your time around,

Oddball (M9.) (Now or never...)

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