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Re: [opensuse-project] How to name our releases?
On Mar 11, 11 11:59:07 +0100, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
Anything else I should add to the list above?

"Mandriva style variation" or "deterministic old school":
YY.counter (2 digit year, counter starts at 0)

The next release could be either 11.5 to continue with current
counter or just like magazines do it and go for YY+1 (ie 12.0)
already near the end of the year.
Advantage: 1:1 compatible with current rpm macros

This also works well with seasons.
We could actually migrate the rpm macro to a proper Year-Month pattern.

Spring 2011 is somewhere around April 2011, thus written as to 1140
in the rpm macros.
Autumn 2011 could be written as 1190, if it was released around September.
YYM0 would be the temporary 'compatibility pattern' used in 2011, from next
year on, we could use YYMM. Oh, thinking of 2-digit months....

... I'd like to suggest to add one rule to the seasons option:
Avoid Winter. A year starts and ends with Winter. That is ambiguous.


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