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Re: [opensuse-project] Proposal for adapting the trademark guidelines
On Mar 07, 11 22:16:18 +0100, jdd wrote:
Le 07/03/2011 22:06, Juergen Weigert a écrit :
If a publication can be understood to represent, contain, be part of
then they need approval.

well... approval by whom?

The easy answer:
... seek our permission (see "Contact Information" below ...
The contact info says permission@xxxxxxxxxx -- This would go to the
board, I assume?

I made tutorials for openSUSE, they are named "openSUSE Video", I also
wrote openSUSE multimedia team article on the wiki (like many others do).

of course these videos are published on the account,
but also on my own account (and on many social medias)

nobody was here to say "go on".

Actually a very good point. Trandemark law usually works the other way
round. It does not expect everybody to ask for permission, but it is
expected that trademark owners actively enforce their marks.

- This is to first of all have well defined and published Rules.
- Second we (the board?, legal team?) need to review your usage of our
Marks and compare with our rules.
- As long as nobody says 'stop', there is no point in waiting for a 'go on'
- But if you 'go on', and feel unsure, you *should* ask for a review.

If we (openSUSE) consistently do the wrong thing, and just ignore possible
issues, our Marks will get diluted, less worth.

By the way I worked with jos on the
subject, but when I asked for approval, he was busy elsewhere (poor
man, probably one of the most busy atm :-)

That happens.
Please file a bug in the category 'suse linux legal issues' - that helps to
keep track of open issues.

such answer have to be done fast.
I agree. As soon as proper guidelines are in place, we can try to be fast :-)


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