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Re: [opensuse-project] Science and Education repos/ Scientific packages
  • From: Cristian Morales Vega <cmorve69@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 18:50:29 +0200
  • Message-id: <AANLkTikzrX4HnM2_oYWEaBFVPVFVdMj18JC_Q2JFY=xH@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2010/9/17 Esztermann, Ansgar <Ansgar.Esztermann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

have you ever tried to push anything to the science repo?

I'm in a similar position. Up to now, I'm building scientific packages in my
home project on OBS, since that makes it already much less of a burden to
install stuff on four dozen machines of varying openSUSE releases. Of course,
it would be great if others could profit from these packages as well, so I'm
all for a "real" repository.
The home page of the science repo gives a mail address to contact for
prospective participants, but I never got an answer to my message.

I'm mainly interested in biophysics packages (e.g. coot, qtiplot, xdrawchem).
As for Gromacs, we're using it quite a lot (mainly on an HPC cluster).
However, our software developer makes frequent changes, so an external (to
our department) package does us no good. Since he also prefers to install the
package manually on an NFS server ("/usr/local"), gromacs is not on my OBS

What's exactly the problem?

$ osc meta prj science | fgrep maintainer
<person role="maintainer" userid="pbleser"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="pnemec"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="sbrabec"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="bwalle"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="werner2101"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="dsteuer"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="dstoecker"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="prusnak"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="dannori"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="ashigabou"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="pgajdos"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="ferichter"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="matwey"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="anubisg1"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="WernerFink"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="akos_ladanyi"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="grayswandir12"/>
<group groupid="factory-maintainers" role="maintainer"/>

With so many maintainers I'm sure that if any of you create submit
requests they will be reviewed/accepted. There are at least four names
in that list that I recognise since they are very active.
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