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RE: [opensuse-project] Decision made - openFATE feature 306967, KDE default
If it doesnt exist already, I think that at least in the next version
of OpenSUSE, you should have some sort of part of the install
procedure that reports the desktop being used to a centralized
database, and finds out how long the installation has been "alive".
This at least should happen every time the system does a zypper
update. That would allow you to have a more accurate census of how
many OpenSUSE boxes exist in the wild and what UI is being utilized.

Hi Jason,

There are data protection act and brand issues with collecting information
like this. This is the kind of issue which contributed to Microsoft's bad
name - collecting information regularly about people and the software they
use creates paranoia. Even after Microsoft stopped the belief persists that
Microsoft is spying on all users of MS software. Do we want to go there?


p.s. and a request to all on the group - please let's not get into the
Microsoft trope - the KDE / gnome confrontation is enough of a blind alley.

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