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Re: [opensuse-project] Disappointed in last Weekly news.
  • From: Bryen M Yunashko <suserocks@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 19:47:55 -0500
  • Message-id: <1250383675.3891.143.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sat, 2009-08-15 at 16:13 -0600, Dean Hilkewich wrote:
Bryen M Yunashko wrote:

You are very much overexpecting and looking for answers too quickly.

First of all, Weekly news is written by the community. It is not some
"official" publication from Novell. So, if you're upset that community
didn't report anything on the debate, basically, you're upset with
yourself because you are part of the same community that writes the
Weekly News and you were free to submit an article if you felt it was
relevant to the debate.

Never said it was put out by Novell, nor do I expect Novell to publish
in the newsletter. I do however expect status updates on pressing
issues from an official body.

Again, it has only been a short period of time since the debate started,
and only a few days since the last relevant comment on any of the
several threads. This is not the only item on people's plates and
you're expecting a rush to drop everything else to put up a status
report when really, there's nothing to report at this time.

You made a direct accusation that people were hoping to sweep this under
the rug by being silent, even though its only been a few days. That was
an unreasonable expectation short and simple.

Second of all, let's look at the date here. It is August 15th, middle
of the month. This debate started about two weeks ago (give or take a
day or so.) Slow down, kid! Give the decision-makers a chance to
digest what has been said on both sides of the debate and come up with a
sane decision. I mean, seriously! 11.2 isn't coming out until
November. The huge amount of mail pumped into the several threads on
this subject have slowed many of us down in attempting to read what has
been said.

Great update. Now would that have been so hard to put into the newsletter?

Yeah it would. Because what I have said is not an official update and
there IS no status to update. The position remains the same as when
Michael Loeffler, the decision-maker, put out an email on this list
saying he would make a decision by mid-August (and looking at my
calendar, it's still mid-August.)

I did not offer up a status update. I merely stated what is obvious to
everyone else in the message sent out by Michael. He and others are
evaluating and will get back to us. That's all.

Third of all, a decision will be coming soon enough. I know it is being
actively looked at. But baseless accusations such as "hoping that the
issue will disappear" is precisely what slows down the decision-making
process. This debate has had many good points made on both sides, but
it has also been fraught with conjecture, wild assumptions, and baseless
accusations that have detracted from the main issue itself. How you
managed to interpret a debate that has only started 2 weeks ago into
"shh, let's hope people forget about it" is beyond me and is a
disservice to the very proposal that sparked this debate. This topic is
foremost in many people's minds and NO ONE is attempting to avoid the

I wouldn't say it's baseless as features are closed on openFATE all the
time because they are deemed not important enough and there has been
literally thousands of bugzilla report that have been put off into never
neverland and never brought through to the next release. They are
killed with reasons like "not enough time" or "too late in development
cycle" instead of being brought forth to the next release.

That's an unfortunate circumstance. There are only limited resources
and there are expectations made by all of us upon those resources. Time
is not infinite, nor is manpower infinite. Would I like to see better
explanations of why things are "WONTFIX"ed? You betcha. I think there
needs to be a far better level of accountability by decision makers.
I'm on your side on that one.

But I also know that it isn't through a callous disregard but rather
though an immense amount of juggling of time and functions by a rather
small group of people. I also happen to know that we are not the only
project out there stricken with this dilemma, as even larger projects
out there are having bug reports ignored for extremely long periods of
time with no explanation.

The question is, how do we, as a community, step up to take up the slack
where Novell's personnel leaves off? How do we become truly
self-reliant and not totally dependent upon those resources? Those are
not easy answers to solve because there aren't many of us in the
community who have the time and skillset to do that. It's something I'd
surely like to see addressed, but at this time, I don't see an immediate
solution to that problem.


Bryen Yunashko
openSUSE Board Member
GNOME-A11y Team Member (Personal Blog) (Feed aggregator of the Accessibility Community)

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