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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: openFATE feature 306967, KDE default
On Sun, 2 Aug 2009, Martin Schlander wrote:
Whereas the "message" from Novell towards KDE users in recent years have
been: "We'd like to replace our existing users and contributors with new
ones, thank you, goodbye". Which is of course a very poor strategy - and
not succesful either. Everybody should know that keeping existing
"customers" is much easier than getting new ones.

That definitely is not a message the vast majority of us at Novell ever
wanted to send, and I don't think it was understood like that by many
(certainly not by our Enterprise customers, and believe me, these tend
to raise things important to them quite unambigously. ;-)

I have not been involved in the decisions back then, but waving users,
customers, or openSUSE contributors goodbye was none of the goals, that
much I know.

It's a constant reminder to a majority of our community that they're not
really appreciated - only just barely tolerated - and that important
decisions are not made based on common sense or what's good for
openSUSE, but on the whims and political agendas of some invisble
managers somewhere.

This is so far from a fair description of the current situation of
openSUSE that it is saddening my heart to read it.

Which of course creates some animosity against the minority that abuses
it's position to force it's will on openSUSE against the best interest
of the project.

There is no such minority, neither behind closed doors nor out in the
open. Adrian, AJ, Coolo, Henne, Michl, myself, Zonker (in alphabetical
order) and many more all strive to make the openSUSE project as successful
as possible.

Our political agenda is quite simple: make openSUSE the most successful
community distribution.

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