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[opensuse-project] openFATE feature 306967, KDE default
  • From: Michael Loeffler <michl@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 14:06:06 +0200
  • Message-id: <200907311406.06649.michl@xxxxxxxxxx>
There are pretty many pros and cons and even more people with their opinion
about the feature [1]I'd like to summarize what has been said in the
discussion in the feature itself and during this week's openSUSE project
meeting. Unfortunately the only sure thing is whatever decision is taken - it
will be wrong for some. This is why, at this time, we have no default -
because openSUSE has strong GNOME and KDE implementations, we offer them
side-by-side as equals.  And we made 2 years ago on opensuse-project the
decision that we stay with "no default" desktop.

So what do we have so far?
- a feature request [1] from one of the KDE e.V. board members
- the feature asks to make KDE default. Reason for that, is to make openSUSE
more simple for newbies and to make openSUSE the best KDE distribution around
- Through the discussion in the feature I'd translate that feature into put
the radio button as default to KDE on the desktop selection screen during
installation instead of today's status where everybody needs to make a choice
- the highest rated feature in openFATE [2] until today
- a majority of people supporting this feature (currently approx. 90% pro, 1%
neutral, 9% against)

What I clearly see as pro is:
- listening to our KDE community we may gain more KDE contributors. But don't
forget this feature is also about making openSUSE an outstanding KDE
distribution. And for that just voting for a feature is not enough. For
becoming an outstanding KDE distribution we need you to contribute
- we simplify the installation by one click for 2/3 of our users, according to
question no. 11 in our  last openSUSE survey [3] made in 11.0 time frame
- the GNOME users keep status quo and need to set the radio button as before

What I clearly see as con is:
- our pretty active GNOME community won't be very happy about it
- our strength is to support choice and two major desktops
- with the CD you always get a default desktop

What might stay doubtful?
- Would changing a radio button really drive lots of users and contributors to
- Would already KDE as a default make us to an outstanding KDE distribution?
- Does openSUSE need a default desktop?

What I suggest?
Due to upcoming feature freeze for openSUSE 11.2 we have only the possibility
to default the radio button to KDE. But this is IMO more a diplomatic solution
which doesn't help much anybody. We should give the feature one or two more
weeks to evolve and need to do the decision for openSUSE 11.2 by mid of
Some other observations I have with respect about this feature:
- inviting people through blogs, web pages, mailing lists or twitter to vote
has potential to set the credibility of the voting system at risk as people
not involved with openSUSE or not using openSUSE express their thoughts
- the feature shows the success of opening up the openSUSE project. Few years
ago decisions were made by Novell and nowadays decisions are challenged by our
- I'm pretty happy about the way the discussion is handled (impartial, no
bashing etc.)

May wisdom be with us - and may we get in openSUSE the best GNOME and the best
KDE desktops!

Michael Löffler, Product Management
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH - Nürnberg - AG Nürnberg - HRB 16746 - GF: Markus Rex

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