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Re: [opensuse-project] Getting Local User Groups off the ground
  • From: Felix-Nicolai Müller <fnmueller@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 16:17:30 +0100
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Martin Schlander schrieb:
| Søndag den 24. Februar 2008 23:10:19 skrev Kevin Dupuy:
|> On Feb 24, 2008, at 2:18 AM, Roger Whittaker wrote:
|>> Only provided that it is done with great care, diplomacy and
|>> sensitivity, so that it is clear that any new openSUSE local group is
|>> not perceived as being set up in a way that detracts from or splits
|>> from already established Linux User Groups.
|> Exactly. Which is why I'm treading lightly with this. However, other
|> distros, especially Ubuntu, has done this successfully.
| Being a board member of a LUG (the old-fashioned distro agnostic kind)
| I'm not particularly pleased with the Ubuntu LoCos. I don't think this
| fragmentation is good for LUGs, GNU/Linux promotion effort, or really
| anything else for that matter. United we stand, divided we fall.
| Hence I don't think local openSUSE LUGs are a particularly good idea.
| presently openSUSE has far less users than Ubuntu, and often also less
| enthusiastic and active ones, so I have doubts whether it would be
| in many places at all.
| However it might make sense to form some sort of national committees, to
| ensure that special national circumstances are addressed by openSUSE. For
| example in Denmark there are certain special services and things that
| work (as easily as possible) for openSUSE to be able to compete (national
| television streaming, home banking java applets, national digital
| etc.). I guess other countries also have special national things
| that "everyone" uses - maybe it's more complex for larger countries,
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I fully agree with Martin except that there is something like a national
committee needed. In most European countries the software that is
essential is often closed source and only available for Microsoft
operating systems (e.g. Elster in Germany which every company _must_
use). So it just would be a pointless waste of time.

If there are LUGs, they need to be distro independent and to be blunt: I
am happy not to be part of a conspiratorial LUG which sole purpose is to
spread Linux or even a particular distribution.
This whole OS thing should never ever be turned into a religious like
thing with religious like structures. I personally gain by getting
involved in projects that give something back to me, making good
contacts with nice people with brains. I win nothing by having the
biggest userbase (the opposite is the case IMHO).

LUGs are okey, if they support the people who are willing to learn. LUGs
are not to be used as a marketing tool. I know I would not have to take
part in a LUG, but I don't want to be put to work for a big company for
nothing. I just hope I am not the only one with this mindset.
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