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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Membership: a general comment
  • From: Bryen <suseROCKS@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 09:48:46 -0600
  • Message-id: <1202658526.4503.59.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Sun, 2008-02-10 at 15:19 +0000, Thomas Hertweck wrote:
Benji Weber wrote:

You keep stating that you are unhappy with the terminology and
approach. If you can suggest an improvement to either than please
state it. It is difficult to understand your viewpoint when you are
only criticising and not suggesting alternatives. If you were the
board, what would you do?

I know what your are trying to do here, but it doesn't work this way.
I would not have introduced such a membership in the first place (in
particular if it was only introduced to hand out email addresses),
therefore my alternative is clear. However, some people (the board)
decided to adopt a code of conduct (although the discussion was
diverse), some people decided to implement such a membership, some
people decided about the criteria, etc. The community was only informed
afterwards. Since everything is now already in place and the criteria
etc are applied, you can't change it anymore (you can only adjust it,
and even that would be problematic), you can't go back.

I don't see it the same way as you do. I think the Board has been very
open in hearing your discussion and may eventually adjust or even
rescind, based on feedback here on this mailing list. I do not get the
impression that the Board is ruling with some iron fist and that their
"edicts" are now written in stone that can't be changed back. This
membership has only been in effect for less then a week, hardly stuck in
a non-forward/reverse mode.

What is wrong with the Board finding ways to try to give recognition to
people who contribute to openSUSE in various ways? They even state that
the bar isn't very high on qualifying for membership. This discussion
is, in my opinion, getting a little out of hand, because some people are
making it out to be more than what it is. It isn't a membership of
exclusivity, but simply a membership of recognition.

If you seek clarification, then like Benjamin stated, propose some
wording to make it clearer, and easier for people to become members.

I am getting
somewhat tired of having to repeat the arguments why I think it was not
such a good approach just because you don't like what I say and try to
disregard me and my opinion.

I don't see how Benjamin's response to you was meant to imply disregard
for you and your opinion. On the contrary, he was asking for
clarification. If you don't think your arguments of the past have been
heard, then re-write your arguments to get the point across better. I
happen to agree with Benjamin that your arguments have been somewhat
vague and I don't fully understand what it is you are trying to point
out either.

Take it as is - as I said, we don't have to
agree. Let's see how the whole thing will work out in the future, some
people are obviously very keen on getting an email address.
Fair enough. This is definitely the last email from me in this thread.
If you want to respond, send a PM. I think many subscribers aren't
really interested in this discussion.

You complain earlier about the Board making decisions by assumption.
Yet, aren't you just as guilty in assuming that "many subscribers aren't
really interested in this discussion."? You're making a decision for me
that apparently I'm not interested in this discussion. While I haven't
spoken up much on this thread, it doesn't mean I'm not interested. I
think it is perfectly relevant and topical to -project mailing list.
There have been many different people participating on this thread and
it is clear from the responses of Board Members that they are just as
equally interested in hearing this discussion as well and making changes
where necessary to better support the openSUSE community.

There's also the chronic problem in any political situation. Supporters
tend to be less vocal than dissenters. Assuming that is the case here,
I would venture to guess many here have supported the Board's actions of
late. And quite honestly, I would be somewhat embarrassed by any
outsiders looking in on our discussion here and seeing that we have
people who object to what amounts to a virtual pat on the back by the
Board of openSUSE's contributors. And that's really what all this boils
down to. The Board wants to show appreciation. And I, frankly,
appreciate the Board's appreciation.

Regards, Th.

Also regards,

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