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Re: [opensuse-project] FOSDEM 2008
  • From: "Benji Weber" <>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 21:38:26 +0000
  • Message-id: <d6b310ce0711261338s4b9a16e0g4b069e1a14366eef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 26/11/2007, Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I know this was already in FOSDEM 2007, but I really think OBS merits
special recognition and will continue to do so. Down the line, it
carries the potential to change how software makes it from the
developer's vim buffer to deployment in service of the user.

I think it would be worth having a basic OBS introduction talk like
last year, if it can be suitably promoted so people from other
distributions realise it could be useful for them too, perhaps a
suitably provocative title. Last year there wasn't a great attendance,
but FOSDEM provides a unique opportunity to promote it to and get
people on board from other distributions.

True, but we'd really like to see more talks held by community members
(i.e. non Novell/SUSE employees).
Would be great to have feedback from the trenches, from people
contributing to user communities (e.g. forums, IRC, mailing-lists, ...),
especially the localized ones, to know what the issues are (lack of
information, collaboration, visibility ?) and how to address them.

For example, we could plan a one hour brainstorming/discussing session
if enough people from the community attend and get involved, to see
exactly what can be done to improve the situation.

And again, if enough people from the community attend, we could do a
similar session about translators: issues, how to improve, ideas, etc...

I think a generally more interactive format than last year might work
better, if there are sufficient people attending. Perhaps half or
two-thirds the talks, with more scheduled time for discussion.

So, if anyone has ideas, would like to contribute (taking part in such a
discussion session, make a presentation, spend some time at the stand to
show off openSUSE, the OBS, etc...), please make yourself heard.

I should be there, and am willing to do a talk if required, I think
it's a bit early to decide what the best subject would be though.

It would also be good to get an idea of how many people just plan to
be there, as interactive things tend to work better with a few more
people than were present last year.

Benjamin Weber
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