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Re: [opensuse-project] KDE-LIVE-CD, very bad impressions
  • From: Druid <marcio.ferreira@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 15:30:15 -0200
  • Message-id: <80829d260711110930m57c1dee8w41ca214d0d9f302b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I answer to incremental update, ok? I assume you were using 10.2
before 10.3. Would it be any harm to you (your system), if instead of
upgrading/(re)installing whole 10.3 over 10.2, you did the following
(using 10.2 all the time):
a) update boot mechanism to boot faster (in June)
b) update Yast SM to faster version (in July)
c) update regular KMail to KMail Enterprise (...and so on)
d) update KDE 3.5.7 to 3.5.8
e) ...

And while doing and testing all that, in each time would they make the
new version? From midnight to 6AM, instead of sleeping? With what
resources they would do what they already do, which is to make a new
release and maintain the bugfix/security of previous ***AND*** do
backports and tests like that? Because if you dont want backport and
tests there are new packages in the buildservice, and people with
upgraditis that does not understand what is a stable system use them
like madness

Are you a software engineer or your pulling all that from thin air?
How do you know this is the "way it should be done" ?

Its funny from time to time someone joins the mail list and start
giving orders and complained like the guy was hired to do some
auditing in the "company", like the zealots coming say "oh, why
opensuse doesnt use apt-get", and the guy doesnt even know the
difference between two package managers in linux....

Just because a distro does some practice doesnt mean all distros
should. And this way of thinking that all distros should do the same
thing is silly, because the nice thing in linux is that there are lots
of distros doing things in different ways.

And the opensuse release cycle works for opensuse, and we all like it,
so no incremental would suck a lot and you saying "its easy" doesnt
make it any more easy or feasible, you talk like it was magic "oh
upgrade kmail" and use magic wand and boom, kmail is updated. Doesnt
work like that in planet earth...

You say "incremental updates" like nobody on earth would need to move
one finger to make it happen, like it would be no cost of time,
dollars and engineering. Its easy to create trouble and work you are
not going to solve, or point the solution


In other words -- what do you need whole new version of opensuse for?

have a nice day, bye

ad.a,b,c...) of course with update of X maybe you have to update Y,
but it would be a still update of portion of the system, just bigger
or smaller, not the entire lengthy process of upgrade which looks
like an install
Maciej Pilichowski

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