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[opensuse-project] Status Action Items
  • From: Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 01:27:24 +0100
  • Message-id: <200711080127.24912@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

here's the status of Action Items after today's meeting.

New Action Items:

#339796 - graphical headline on

rlihm will make images with a graphical headline (in Cholla font) on, instead of just using a standard sans-serif.

Work in progress:

#328622 - translations

Today the spanish translation was added and is already online.
This means there are translations for cz dk fr nl pt_BR de fi it pt ru
and es now. Thanks to everybody who contributed a translation!

#173 961 - openSUSE merchandising
Work in Progress (ETA 16.11.07)

There's still no decision what shop to use (candidates:
and, both suck in term of prices.
Coolo knows the finance director of spreadshirt and will talk to him
next week - maybe they can do a special deal.

#238350 - unmaintained wikis (is, es, vi)

Martin has sent out a call for new maintainers on opensuse-announce
today. Lets hope there are some volunteers ;-)

AIs without news:

#328613 - Prepare explanation of Fate features and processses in the
Klaas had no time because he is busy with other things.

#223290 - better wishlist handling using FATE
Blocked by #328613 (FATE presentation)

#328611 - Try out wishlist handling / feature tracking in the wiki
Blocked by 328613 (FATE presentation)

#229213 - clarify bugzilla usage for packages in build service
Work in Progress (ETA: November)

#164761 - built service trust/rating system
Blocked (no time and resources ETA 2008)

#238355 - status of cn wiki
Blocked (No time)

#293726 - Creation of Babel wiki
Blocked (No time)

#267437 - community comitee, mail addresses etc.
Blocked (by User Directory)

Things that were done:

#164757 - SDB style guide / differences SDB, HOWTO

The style guide with explanation of the differences is online:
Martin, thanks for writing this!

Also thanks to JosefAssad for providing the nice flowchart.
However, I have an improvement request: The last box sounds quite
pessimistic. Maybe you can change the last sentence to something
like "Place your article somewhere in the wiki where you think it
fits." (No, english is not my native language, the wording should be

#337563 - Create opensuse-translation-es mailing list
#338958 - Add [opensuse-translation-es] to main list archive
#334142 - create opensuse-nl mailinglist

Henne has created the opensuse-translation-es and opensuse-nl
mailinglists. Thanks! (opensuse-translation-es is already quite active,
opensuse-nl needs more subscribers ;-)

Hint: Those two mailinglists should be announced in a quickie on

#223288 - create installation/usage videos

The videos are available on youtube, has a
list and a short "making of" description available. The videos were
also announced in a quickie on

Thanks to everybody involved in producing and publishing the videos!


Christian Boltz
Oh großer Meister! Darf man euch untertänigst darauf aufmerksam
machen, daß das diff'en von Postscriptfonts komplette Unterordner
synchronisiert und diff't, unter Berücksichtigung von Links? :-)
[Ratti in fontlinge-devel]
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