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[opensuse-project] package wishlists
  • From: Craig Millar <suse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 01:43:35 +0000
  • Message-id: <20061219014335.GE4802@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
With regards to package wishlists on the website[1]. There are several
requests for packages that are already available through the build service /
packman / guru. Is it preferable to link to these available packages (bearing
in mind that build service packages especially may not be production ready),
either with or without a disclaimer that the packages therein may not be of
the standard expected, or to remove them as they are available elsewhere (esp
in a more popular source, such as pm or guru)?

On occasion, links have been supplied to, for eg, packman resources, only for
the user to complain that it's not part of the official openSUSE builds and
therefore less desirable[2].

Personally I tend to trust packman (and indeed guru and several build
service) builds having used them for ages. My question is more about the
intent of these pages. Is it to provide any link (no matter how reliable) to
SUSE rpms, or is it to provide links to better known (or only official)

I think the essential issue is that of relationship of trust built up between
a (group of) user(s) and a particular packager. Perhaps a revamp of the
wishlist pages is in order, something along the lines of wishlist items that
are (or perhaps in factory), officially fulfilled, and a list of repos that
are available (unofficially, and stated as such).


[2] "It is packaged in the PackMan repository but not directly in OpenSuse" -
one particular quote.

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