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Re: [suse-programming-e] coding direction dilemma
  • From: Colin Carter <colincarter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 01:05:01 +1000
  • Message-id: <200505160105.01740.colincarter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Monday 16 May 2005 00:39, William A. Mahaffey III wrote:
> Colin Carter wrote:
> >Thanks to
> >Synthetic Cartoonz <synthetoonz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >for help to date.
> >
> >I have a direction dilemma and would like opinions.
> >
> >I have some excellent books, such as Douglas Young's
> >"X Window System Programming and Applications with Xt"
> >but it should have its title extended to include
> > "... and with Athena and hp Widgets"
> >This has been my problem: although it is a book on Xt it quietly throws
> >in a command like
> >... XtCreateManagedWidget("rc", XwrowColWidgetClass, ...)
> >and I spend frustrating hours trying to find an include file which
> >contains XwrowColWidgetClass Ahhhhh!
> >
> > I think that I have to re-think my strategy:
> >X11 is freely available I have
> >Xt is freely available I have
> >Xm motif, commercial, I do not have
> >Xaw Athena ? I have
> >Xw hp I do not have
> >Qt commercial, excessive for my purposes
> >
> >Part of my problem has been my faith in these books.
> >They read well, but, in spite of pretending to be books about
> >X11 and Xt they quietly use Xaw, Xm, and Xw and I struggle to
> >get the same code to work on my machine.
> >
> >Any suggestions?
> >Regards,
> >Colin
> >PS: for AMD64
> Part of your problem (& definitely NOT your fault) is that some of these
> books were written some years back by/for people using SGI's (for
> example) or SUNs which had Motif onboard by default. I think the
> OpenMotif route mentioned elsewhere would be your best bet. I am using
> an older version (as I mentioned earlier) with no problems. Are you
> writing code for your own in-house use or to sell ? That would
> complicate the decision ....
> --
> William A. Mahaffey III

Thanks for your feedback William; much appreciated.
You are correct. Motif has been "free" and "proprietary" on and off over the
years. I could possibly get an older free version, but I bought into SuSE
so that I could get the 64 bit deal, but at the moment Motif is not free.
I see my dilemma as being the choice between
(a) paying for Qt (which is not so bad) and learning it (time consuming...)
(b) writing all my own Widgets (time consuming...)

It all sounds uphill for me. But I have been years thinking about this
code and I really don't want to spend another year (unpaid) developing
software only to have some young kid duplicate and sell my CD.
I am 62 and too old to start saving for my retirement!

Thanks for your feedback William.
Or go back to the hateful M$ and pay for Developer Studio and their
new 64 bit O.S. (Yuk!)

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