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Re: [opensuse-ppc] Re: Booting openSUSE-NET-ppc-Build0003-Media.iso
Am 24.02.2012 03:42, schrieb Larry Stotler:
On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 5:18 PM, Andreas Färber <afaerber@xxxxxxx> wrote:
After lots of Alt-E (don't show again), Alt-J (use this file) and Alt-N
(don't use this file) I finally got the installation running through
until it wants to reboot. After reboot the system is not bootable and
drops back to System Management menu and the boot options there too do
not recognize any bootable devices apart from CD-ROM and NICs.
Previously there was AIX5 on the disk and it seemed it was completely
repartitioned by the installer.

On your system, YaST probably just used the whole disk. I've never
used any of the POWER systems so I can't really help.

SLED 11(SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) would likely have better
support for your hardware. [...]

Our quest here is testing and fixing Factory, not running some
old-but-working version. :) Kudos to Dinar for getting it this far already!

So I am mainly in need of pointers how to get some of these fixed.

I verified that using ext4 and always choosing Alt+J for the checksums
did not help.

I notice that the CD that boots fine uses \suse\, whereas the
FAT16 boot partition uses just a yaboot file. Are there differences
between yaboot and maybe? I tried appending all kinds of
things in OF such as :1,yaboot without success, and the SMS menu is able
to boot fine from CD but not from disk.

0 > printenv boot-device
-------------- Partition: common -------- Signature: 0x70 ---------------
0 > boot ok
0 > boot /pci@800000020000003/pci@2,4/pci1069,b166@1/scsi@0/sd@8,0 ok
0 > boot
/pci@800000020000003/pci@2,4/pci1069,b166@1/scsi@0/sd@8,0:1,yaboot ok
0 > boot /pci@800000020000003/pci@2,3/ide@1/disk@0 -
Elapsed time since release of system processors: 60 mins 35 secs
Welcome to yaboot version r22.8-r1190.SuSE
booted from

The installer said the following:

Choose the root partition.

1) sda1 (203 MB, vfat, 'CE93D1C3-1)
2) sda6 (27 GB, btrfs)
3) sda7 (39 GB, btrfs)


*** Invalid root device.

Choose the root partition.

1) sda1 (203 MB, vfat, 'CE93D1C3-1)
2) sda6 (27 GB, btrfs)
3) sda7 (39 GB, btrfs)


Starting syslog services..done
Probing connected terminal...

Initializing virtual console...

Found a mlterm terminal on /dev/console (80 columns x 24 lines).
Setting up (localfs) network interfaces:
lo IP address: done
eth0 device: Intel Corporation 82546GB Gigabit Ethernet Co
eth0 Starting DHCP4 client.

Then it hangs there and I have to do an instant poweroff via Advanced
System Management interface. The first system NIC was used successfully
for network installation before.


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