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Re: [suse-ppc] Help with install on G4
  • From: Olaf Hering <olh@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 21:14:23 +0200
  • Message-id: <20061012191423.GA2068@xxxxxxx>
On Thu, Oct 12, Dominic Maraglia wrote:

> # /sbin/lilo
> running on pmac_new
> BOOT_DEVICEPATH = ERROR: device hdc not yet supported
> OTHER_DEVICEPATH = ERROR: device hdc not yet supported
> <snip some normal output>
> set OF boot-device ERRORL device hdc not yet supported,\\:tbxi
> Usage: nvsetenv [variable [value]]
> It would be great to b oot off the HD, but it that is not possible, I'd
> settle for having a boot CD that points to the HD to boot.
> So, any ideas about the /dev/hdc errors or a link to where I can read
> about making a PPC boot Cd?

Try to set the boot path manually:

find /proc/device-tree/ -name device_type | xargs grep -wl block

this will give you something like:


ata-3 is likely the CD/ZIP drive, ata-4 is the hard drive. Maybe you
have an alias for hdc in /proc/device-tree/aliases.

ultra1 "/pci@f2000000/@d/mac-io@7/ata-4@1f000/disk@1"
ultra0 "/pci@f2000000/@d/mac-io@7/ata-4@1f000/disk@0"
zip "/pci@f2000000/@d/mac-io@7/ata-3@20000/disk@1"
cd "/pci@f2000000/@d/mac-io@7/ata-3@20000/disk@0"
hd "/pci@f2000000/@d/mac-io@7/ata-4@1f000/disk@0"
ide1 "/pci@f2000000/@d/mac-io@7/ata-3@20000/disk@1"
ide0 "/pci@f2000000/@d/mac-io@7/ata-3@20000/disk@0"

ide0:9,/boot/vmlinux would be a valid path for my hdc/CD.

I'm sure a 2.6 kernel would work on a 7.3 installation, all you need is
a recent module-init-tools package to load the kernel modules. The
current lilo relies on sysfs, which is 2.6 only.

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