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Re: [opensuse-packaging] On how to improve Rust packaging experience for suse
On 11/20/19 11:07 AM, Michael Matz wrote:
Funny story about this in this context: Rust doesn't work on Risc-V
because it bundles (vendors, ahem) an old version of llvm. Newer versions
of llvm that work on risc-v do exist, but they can't be used in rust
easily, because, well, ... the llvm eco-system is changing too fast for
them it seems ;-)

Actually, in Debian, the rustc package uses the LLVM package from the system
and in my experience this works reasonably well these days. I don't actually
know why no one has added the risc64-unknown-linux-gnu spec to Rust upstream
yet, but if no one is going to do that until the end of the year, I'm going
to do that during the Christmas holidays.

Otherwise, I fully agree with what you said in your previous mail. We have
already had the same discussion in Debian. It caused so much traction, it
was actually in the news on LWN [1] ;).

Debian's librsvg maintainer uploaded the rustified version of the library
just after I managed to bootstrap the Rust compiler on all release architectures
in Debian [2] which was the result of a lot of debugging and bug fixing. I
actually felt betrayed because I'm also one of the maintainers of most
unofficial architecture ports in Debian (Debian Ports), so I was not
particularly amused about this upload.

If Rust upstream finally realized that a stable language and API isn't just
some archaic and pointless construct, the language would certainly receive
a much wider adoption with alternative compiler implementations being


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