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Re: [opensuse-packaging] On how to improve Rust packaging experience for suse
On Tue, Nov 19, 2019 at 5:15 AM Alberto Planas Dominguez
<aplanas@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Neal Gompa wrote:

That said, Fedora and Mageia update the Rust compiler within a week of
a new stable compiler release. As of right now, Fedora 29 and higher
all have Rust 1.39.0. CentOS/RHEL 7 will receive Rust 1.39.0 soon

The devel project was updated almost the same day in OBS. We (openSUSE)
submitted the new version, created the upstream bug report about the issue
that makes impossible the bootstrap of the compiler, and backported it to our
packages. I am not going to check Fedora nor Mageia, but if they need to
compile 1.39 with 1.38 (and later with 1.39) they need to use this patch.

openSUSE do not have it yet on TW because we recompile all the dependencies,
and this 1.39 is having issues with FF[1]. I am not sure if other
distributions ship the FF compiled with 1.3X and the rustc from 1.39
independently. We cannot do that: we need to fix the issues as we find them.

In Fedora, since we ship Firefox latest stable and Rust latest stable,
we usually wind up encountering the same problems, but nothing
specifically is forcing us to deal with them at the same time other
than a confluence of scheduling. I'm guessing because we don't have
the automatic reverse dep rebuild thing happening with Firefox
(Koschei is currently not testing Firefox in this manner[1]), we
probably didn't notice. This is definitely something that we should
improve. It's bad if Firefox can't be built with latest rustc.


Simon Lees wrote:

One reason that it is done like this by default is because core SLE /
Leap packages shouldn't be break API/ABI for updates, so in the vast
majority of cases building against standard is fine and saves huge
amounts of resources on obs.

That is true. But as we cannot have ABI compatibility with rust (not stable
ABI and almost all is statically linked), I wonder if this will help to speed
the update of the compiler in SLE and Leap.

Neal Gompa wrote:

Rust in openSUSE is mostly community, driven within the Fedora Rust
SIG (Yes, Fedora Rust runs the openSUSE Rust stack). The Rust compiler
package does get semi-regular contributions from two SUSE employees,
but the bulk of the Rust stuff is through the Fedora Rust SIG.

: ? is Luke Jones from Fedora?

Technically, no, though he hangs out with us in the #fedora-rust IRC
channel. But Luke worked with Igor and Josh to get the Rust compiler
packaging a while ago. It's now quite a bit more similar to the Fedora
one, but not exactly the same just yet. There have been changes lifted
from the Fedora rust compiler spec in order to fix issues with
building new versions from time to time.

I'm hoping that once I get a larger chunk of time, I can sit down and
integrate the variations for building on SUSE into the Fedora spec,
like we did for Mageia, and merge the specs. That will make ongoing
maintenance of the compiler _much_ easier.

Igor and I have contemplated setting up an "upstream" Dist-Git that
would be wired into COPR and OBS to build the Rust stack for Fedora,
Mageia, and openSUSE continuously, also permitting us to trivially
push releases to all three distributions quickly and easily. We're not
there yet, though...

But in any case this is 100% true in the crates side. This is almost all done
by the excellent Fedora Rust SIG. I really think that it is time for openSUSE
to help here and with the upstream scripts from Fedora that is doing this

I want to do my part here.

I'm glad you want to help! You did a great job helping us with
rust2rpm in this most recent cycle, and I'm looking forward to working
with you more.

真実はいつも一つ!/ Always, there's only one truth!
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