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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Problem with packaging gettext
21.06.2019 20:01, Christian Voegl пишет:

Im trying to package the 0.20.1 version of gettext.

 my current attempt can be viewed here:

This package consists of 4 specfiles: gettext-runtime.spec,
gettext-runtime-mini.spec (autogenerated from gettext-runtime.spec) ,
gettext-java.spec and gettext-csharp.spec

In version 0.20.1 the libtextstyle was added, which should be packaged
in its own rpm.  Therefore I added the libtextstyle0 and
libtextstyle0-devel packages

You cannot install two development packages in parallel (they are using
the same paths) so development package must be unversionned.

to gettext-runtime.spec (and consequently
to gettext-runtime-mini.spec).

I'm able to build gettext-runtime.spec, gettext-runtime-mini.spec and

However gettext-java.spec fails with:

"[  306s]
cannot find -ltextstyle"

As I have not changed the Makefile from upstream, I assume that the
problem is in  gettext-java.spec, but I don't know how to proceed from

BuildRequires: libtextstyle0-devel

I would presume.

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