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Re: [opensuse-packaging] %setup -q -a 0 for Source0 then %setup -q a 1 -n pkg-%{version}/lib but need --strip-components=1
On 05/02/2019 03:39 AM, David Haller wrote:
I usually just be pragmatic and extract and then create symlinks. In
this case:

%setup -q -a 1
rm -rf lib
ln -s libimagequant-%{version} lib

or something. Or extract manually as suggested by Jan.

But there's a better way, you've got a pending sr...



line should be changed to

%license COPYRIGHT

once you drop 13.x support. Or I backport the %license stuff ;)

Thank you dnh,

Both for the good info here and for the clean up on the spec in the request.
(I hope I didn't screw up accepting it somehow on buildservice -- I'm never
quite sure what that interface is doing behind the scenes...)

So from your cleanup, removing the manual gzipping of the man1 page on the
install, that means that the man1 page is automatically gzipped? I notice all
42.3+ pages are gzipped, and I think I can recall from the distant past there
were occasions when the man pages were a mix of gzipped and non-gzipped pages.
(that's what prompted me to manually gzip it before I installed it, I didn't
want to be the one who forgot to zip it)

Good learning on this one with the separate lib source needing to be
shoehorned into the ./lib directory before the build.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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