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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Something like BuildRecommends to increase test coverage?
On 3/11/19 11:47 PM, Bernhard Voelker wrote:
That's why the *-testsuite is a subpackage: the main package builds fine
with a certain set of tests/integrity, and the testsuite could pick whatever
is available: e.g. currently there's no valgrind for armv7l available because
"nothing provides glibc < 2.28.0". I guess this one will go away in a couple
of weeks. Meanwhile, I'd have to take out armv7l from the guards around
the BuildRequires:valgrind to get something tested at all, and I won't
be given a notice when it would be available again, so that I could take
it back in.

2 scenarios:

Run the valgrind tests only on x86 ? Iff the package doesn't have some arch specific code and is all generic compiled for all arches, then running valgrind on all of them doesn't give you anything except slow tests. You are essentially testing the compiler at this point, not the application.

If you do have platform specific code, then it's a different argument of course. Then you could have *-testsuite and *-valgrind-testsuite and run the valgrind-only stuff in the valgrind scenario. And if the valgrind is missing, then that should be OK too as you don't ship that binary.

I would also run these tests in the devel project or your home only, not in actual Factory. That way you can keep track of them without having these binaries in factory. You can use %bcond_with guards for the tests and use project config to enable them.

- Adam
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