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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Packaging Godot
Simon Lees:
4. Should we take the same approach for some other parts of Godot?
For example it might be possible to replace the bundled fonts with their
openSUSE counterparts. This will be static as well and not using
installed fonts dynamically as far as the fonts in /thirdparty/fonts are

If it can be done in such a way that means you can use the existing
files in /usr/share/fonts its probably worth it, if they would just be
splitout and in there own format that no other application can make use
of I can't see the point.

Thanks Simon,

the idea was to replace the Godot bundled fonts (and perhaps other
parts) with files from an already accepted and reviewed openSUSE package.

Benefit from a godot maintainer's point of view would have been, that we
don't have to "evaluate" this third party code anymore but can rely on
the qualified work done by other openSUSE packagers.

Additionally godot would get an automatic rebuild if the "copied"
openSUSE package produced an update but the needed Godot release takes
longer or doesn't include the most recent third party source.

But you're right that these fonts won't be available for other installed
software and so it might not be worth to do this copy voodoo.


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