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[opensuse-packaging] Disabling systemd services in %post for upgrades

I am working on updating the google-compute-engine package which needs
to disable two systemd services that have been removed in the upstream

Upstream contains this systemd-specific code to achieve that in %post [1]:

if [ -f /lib/systemd/system/google-ip-forwarding-daemon.service ]; then
systemctl stop --no-block google-ip-forwarding-daemon
systemctl disable google-ip-forwarding-daemon.service

if [ -f /lib/systemd/system/google-network-setup.service ]; then
systemctl stop --no-block google-network-setup
systemctl disable google-network-setup.service

Since we have RPM macros for disabling services on preun and post [2],
namely %service_del_preun and %service_del_postun, I was wondering
whether there is an equivalent that can be used in %post.

Or should I just use systemctl as above but limit the use with
suse_version to > 1140?


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