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[opensuse-packaging] use of sed to fix python2 script interpreter
Hi everyone,

I am packaging pyrenamer [0] in order to submit it to Factory.
As it is, I got this warning [1] because of the 'shebang' calling '/usr/bin/env
python' instead of '/usr/bin/python' (which should be 'python2').
I have fixed it by adding the following:

sed -i 's|/usr/bin/env\ python|/usr/bin/python2|1'

in %install section.

Is it a good way to do it or is there a more recommended way ?

Thank you


[1] full warning is:
pyrenamer.noarch: E: env-script-interpreter (Badness: 9) /usr/bin/pyrenamer
/usr/bin/env python
This script uses 'env' as an interpreter. For the rpm runtime dependency
detection to work, the shebang #!/usr/bin/env python needs to be patched into
#!/usr/bin/python otherwise the package dependency generator merely adds a
dependency on /usr/bin/env rather than the actual interpreter /usr/bin/python.
Alternatively, if the file should not be executed, then ensure that it is not
marked as executable or don't install it in a path that is reserved for

Sébastien 'sogal' Poher
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