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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Frustration with mongodb
On Mon, 2017-12-04 at 10:54 +0100, Frederic Crozat wrote:
Le vendredi 01 décembre 2017 à 14:48 +0100, Martin Pluskal a écrit :

As some of you might know or actually use it, we currently have
in Factory [1] and corresponding devel project [2], and active
maintainer is/was wanted for some time [3]. Given that I personally
no use for mongodb (or never had), and given that it currently
build for Factory (due to scons python3 migration) I am bit
with its state.

Given that today I got feedback by community:
<randy-sk_> [11:31:38] zbite niekto Martina Puskala. Mongo, co je v
repozitari, je
jeho super upravy rozbite. Plus sa tam snazil dolepit mongotoolsy a
samozrejme to jeho spec sa nebuildi, kedze je to v samostatnom

Sorry but if you want ANY help, it would be nice to get translations
for reports.
Said message does not contain anything usefull, just insults and
misunderstanding of how OBA work. I am also not looking for ANY help, I
am looking for someone who is interested in using mongdob on openSUSE
enough to maintain it - to me this package is just annoyance (see rest
of my message).

Which would loosely translate to request that someone beats me up
breaking mongodb (I assume that is related to accepting request
frustration with mongodb has reached its limit.

When I submitted this tool, I made sure it was building fine.
It was - current build failures are caused by openssl-1.1 and scons3
(two separate issues which have to be solved).

If you are interested in maintaining this package, let me know I
add you as maintainer and reviewer in devel project, if noone steps
in I
will create delete request for Factory next week.

I'm not interested in maintaining it, I just have to use it (and
apparently, nobody was using it, considering how many issues I found
when I tried to use it during last hackweek) :(
Delete request has been alrady filled (see [1]), unless someone steps
in I will also disable building in devel project.



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