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[opensuse-packaging] call for volunteers: singlespec auto-conversion
Hello all,

I have finally done what I promised several months ago and ran an
auto-converter over all python-*
packages in Factory. The results can be seen in:

It is roughly 540 packages, so a small fraction of d:l:py :)
About a third of them build.
Another third fails.
The rest is stuck in unresolvable state, usually because they depend on
something from the failed set.

Now is the time to review the packages and decide what to do with them. And I'd
like to ask you for
help with this gargantuan task.

I'm taking time off tomorrow, so I won't be handling any SRs until Monday. But
I wanted to show you
this anyway, in case you felt like playing with it over the weekend. Also, I
think d:l:py
maintainers have rights to the repository?

(I honestly don't know how to organize stuff like this, so for now, I'm leaving
it as-is and seeing
what happens. I'll do more on Monday. Maybe some sort of a hackathon? Bruno
Friedman (in cc) was
talking about this...)

What needs to be done:

* Some packages simply aren't compatible with python3. These should either be
upgraded to a
compatible version, dropped from Factory altogether, or left alone with an
added Provides for

* (This also holds for various backports and things like configparser,
unittest2 etc. We generally
don't want them in singlespec versions if they aren't necessary for Python 3.4
and above.)

* In others, the autoconverter might have messed up. Maybe the spec file needs
a human touch to
bring it to a working state.

* Even packages that build successfully must be reviewed to check that
post-conversion spec file is
doing the same thing as the pre-conversion one.

* Some packages got there by mistake (such as -doc specs of packages that are
already singlespec)
and can be deleted from the singlespec-staging project

* This is also a good opportunity to drop obsolete stuff. For instance, Factory
still contains
python-argparse, which has not been necessary since openSUSE 12.1 (because it's
in stdlib of all
shipped pythons). Worse, packages still list is as a requirement. This needs to

* When a package is reviewed, it should be submitted to its devel project (and
deleted from
singlespec-staging when the request is accepted) and then forwarded to Factory.
singlespec'd packages also need a corresponding delete request for the python3

All in all, thanks in advance to every volunteer. Every single SR helps :)


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