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Re: [opensuse-packaging] New repo-checker to be deployed on August 14th

On 08/05/2017 03:46 PM, Sebastian wrote:

Is there a possibility to run this bot / these checks locally or on
other projects? I think this would be very useful. Currently it is
necessary to (re-submit to the devel project and then to)[1] re-submit
to Factory to see if the cryptic error messages are gone.


[1]: When someone is not a maintainer. This first usually takes some weeks.

On 08/05/2017 12:34 AM, Jimmy Berry wrote:

A complete rewrite of the tool that runs as factory-repo-checker on OBS is
scheduled for deployment on August 14th as the new user repo-checker. This
tool fixes a number of major shortcomings and bugs with the previous tool
result in errors detected that were previously not detected. As such simple
version updates may be rejected until these issues are resolved.

Both to provide a grace period and tooling improvement going forward the tool
will now regularly post comments on packages with issues in their
devel project. The 112 comments went out Wednesday on a variety of packages.

Issues with any ring package will block an entire letter stagings just as a
failing builds have previously. Due to the issues with the previous tool a
number of problems currently exist with ring packages. In order to roll out
tool I started to fix the problems, but ended up finding too many so a
will be used and relaxed as issues are fixed. See the Factory config [1]
repo_checker-package-whitelist{,-x86_64,-i586} lines to see which packages
whitelisted and work to resolve those problems. The complete list of problems
can be found in the repo_checker file [2]. If you help fix ring problems it
is appreciated if you link to the requests in the tracking issue [3] so the
whitelist can be relaxed as they are accepted.

Overall, the new tool is significantly simpler in terms of lines of code,
complexity, and workflow complexity. Also faster! See the initial rewrite
request for more details [4].

Summary of changes/features:

- all architectures are checked (currently i586, x86_64) instead of just
- requests are checked in staging groups instead of devel projects
- no more review spam during intermediary stages
- properly handle ghc-* requests
- cycle check based on entire group which properly catches problems
- no longer a requires the latest version from devel
- expect reviews not to be accepted until the entire group is built and
- summary comments on staging projects to notify submitters of problems
- new user repo-checker on requests
- comments on packages in devel projects based on current Factory:standard

The new repo-checker is currently soft-enabled for Factory in that it will be
checking all requests, but only commenting when it sees a problem and having
effect on reviews. On August 14th all new requests will require approval from
the new repo-checker user on OBS.

An example of problems detected during the soft-enablement that the old repo
checker passed over can be seen currently on Staging:B [5].

For a summary of planned improvements to the tool see the issues on github
Report issues there using the title prefix 'repo_checker: '.



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