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Differences between SLE_11 SP1/2 and SLE_11 SP3/4 (was: [opensuse-packaging] Basic question on ruby packaging and build ruby-dependent packages (chef))
On 02.05.17 21:11 Johannes Kastl wrote:

[lots of stuff]

I split out the SLE_12 build targets into another project:


There, ruby2.2 and ruby2.4 build alright, rubygem-gem2rpm builds fine
for all three ruby version (2.1, 2.2, 2.4) and also chef is built fine
for all three of them. (I'll have to figure out how to unpublish the
ruby2.1-chef with publish filters, as chef needs 2.2 to work, but that
is a story for another day).

So I only have the four SLE_11 version left in
home:ojkastl_buildservice:Chef_12_SLES_11. And there I see
rubygem-gem2rpm failed builds for SP1 and SP2, while the build for SP3
and SP4 works.

[ 22s] RPM build errors:
[ 22s] File not found:
[ 22s] File not found:
[ 22s] File not found:
[ 22s] File not found:
[ 22s] Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:
[ 22s] /etc/alternatives/gem2rpm.ruby
[ 22s] /usr/bin/gem2rpm.ruby
[ 22s] /usr/bin/gem2rpm.ruby-0.10.1
[ 22s] /usr/share/doc/packages/ruby-rubygem-gem2rpm/AUTHORS
[ 22s] /usr/share/doc/packages/ruby-rubygem-gem2rpm/LICENSE
[ 22s] /usr/share/doc/packages/ruby-rubygem-gem2rpm/README
[ 22s] /usr/share/doc/packages/ruby-rubygem-gem2rpm/gem2rpm.yml

Can someone point me to the root cause for the differences? Why are
there some files not found by rpm, as they have another name (ruby1.8
vs. ruby)?

Unfortunately I get a completely different error message when building
locally, I guess due to some OBS magic in the background. So I cannot
fumble around locally.


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