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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-packaging] Proposal: Update rpm configuration to fix issues and rationalize configuration

On 04/26/2017 02:05 PM, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
Neal Gompa schrieb:
On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 5:21 AM, Ludwig Nussel <ludwig.nussel@xxxxxxx>
Michael Matz schrieb:
On Tue, 25 Apr 2017, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
I'd personally like this to happen, yeah. It's in line with the
original intent of libexec and lib, and that the FHS didn't recognize
it was a long standing bug (IMHO, it certainly was a long-standing
annoyance :) ).

What's wrong with /usr/lib/name/?

Everything. lib shall not contain executables. lib shall not contain
subdirectories. lib shall contain only libraries. lib shall contain
_nothing_ on lib64 platforms.

A pretty radical demand. I guess you have technical insight that
makes you say that? Even the dynamic linker may read libraries from
subdirectories. Also, what about multilib approaches?

IMO /usr/libexec is redundant.

20 years of linux distros doing it wrong by overriding perfectly fine
autoconf defaults (caused by the FHS not grasping the concept) makes
think so.

Perfectly fine defaults like /usr/com? :-) Fedora seems to be rather
lonely in the Linux world by using libexec.

Fedora isn't the only one using libexec. Mageia does, and several
other offshoots of the Red Hat family do. Slackware and its
derivatives do too.

We're also partially a Slackware descendant but moved away from
libexec 20 years ago:

$ osc cat openSUSE:Factory gawk gawk.changes|grep -B3 libexec
Sun Apr 13 23:04:29 MEST 1997 - florian@xxxxxxx

- add bug-fixes from gnu.utils.bugs
- do not use /usr/libexec anymore

Anyone long enough here to remember why? :-)

I guess there is very simple explanation.

Seem's like gawk is using "libexecdir" since gawk-3.0. That was around
1996/97. In the autoconf documentation "libexecdir" was firstly mentioned
around 1994, August (maybe released even later). So I guess that at
this time (1995-1997) first projects slowly started actually using

From the view of a user or distro developer it was probably like: "WTF,
why gawk suddenly introduces such stupid /usr/libexec. We don't need
it. We don't want it. We don't use this!"

Hehe, this issue reminds me a bit about the monkey/ladder experiment

There used to be more before FHS blatantly ignored
the usage of it for many years. Now that it is recognized by FHS, the

Do we know why it was not part of FHS in the first place? 20 years
plain ignorance seems to be a rather simplistic explanation.
And why was it changed suddenly? Merely documenting existing
practice, accepting that some distros never intended to adopt? Or is
there a greater technical vision now (which one?)

Yes, I guess just because major distros never used it. If they wouldn't have
followed freedesktop/systemd then FHS would also look different.


offense of having things stuffed into /lib can be eliminated.

I don't feel offended at least :-)


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