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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Non-blocking %check
On 04/20/2017 05:08 AM, Todd Rme wrote:
There has been some work and advice recently about improving the
parallelization of project builds. However, one issue that occurred to
me is that a lot of time can be spent running the %check scriptlet
that shouldn't have any impact on the final RPMs.

My idea was that perhaps the RPM could be used for building packages
that depend on it while the %check scriptlet is running. If the %check
succeeds, then everything continues as normal. If not, then builds
that depend on it are canceled and RPMs that depend on it are
invalidated before being published.

I understand that this is a big change. In addition to needed big
changes in how OSC works, this would also require a fundamental change
in the %check macro. It would mean that things that happen during the
%check scriptlet would no longer have any impact on the final RPMs.
Personally I think this is a feature rather than a bug, I always
thought it was strange that tests are allowed to change the package,
but it is a big behavior change.

I am not sure this is worth the effort to implement or worth breaking
existing RPM semantics. But if we are having a problem with the builds
not being as parallel as they could be, this might be something at
least to consider.

I'm not sure to which discussion you refer to (as you didn't point
to it). I can only tell how it is done for the coreutils package [1]
where the full check (`make check-very-expensive`) may run between
~15min and ~1.5h depending on the architecture. Without the checks,
the package is built in ~3-15min.
There's a 2nd spec file 'coreutils-testsuite.spec' which is generated
from the regular 'coreutils.spec', and the %check section is only used
by that secondary package:

%if "%{name}" == "coreutils-testsuite"
# Avoid parallel make, because otherwise some timeout based tests like
# rm/ext3-perf may fail due to high CPU or IO load.
make check-very-expensive \
&& ...

Does this idea go into the direction you're thinking?


Have a nice day,
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