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[opensuse-packaging] Package groups and desktop categories for CAD/CAM software
Hi everyone,

I'd like to start a discussion regarding RPM groups and desktop categories for CAD/CAM software.

1) CAD software, like OpenSCAD, FreeCAD, LibreCAD etc

For RPM groups, we obviously have Productivity/Graphics/CAD [1]

For desktop categories, there is no obvious choice. Some packagers use Graphics;3DGraphics or Graphics;2DGraphics but it seems wrong, because this way CAD software ends up in the same place as GIMP, digikam, gwenview and these two types of application have very little in common.

Looking in the Freedesktop spec [4], the correct category for CAD is "Engineering", but our guidelines [3] allow Engineering only in "Science" or "Education", and both seem wrong in this case.

2) CAM software, like Cura, Slic3r, Printrun etc

Here the situation is basically hopeless, as there is neither RPM group nor desktop category suitable for CAM software.

For RPM groups, Fedora [2] uses Application/Engineering, but our guidelines [1] do not allow it.

For desktop categories, one could use the "Engineering" in "Science" or "Education" but just like with CAD it seems like a stretch.

Relevant links:
[1] openSUSE groups:
[2] Fedora groups:
[3] openSUSE categories:
[4] Freedesktop categories:

We advertise as openSUSE as "The makers' choice...", so I hope we could address these concerns, as they affect software typically used by makers. It's a bit funny we (and Freedesktop) have a designated category for Spirituality software, but not for 3D printing :)

Any thoughts?

-- Jarek

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