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Re: [opensuse-packaging] not restarting the docker service on running zypper update?
On Fri, 2017-01-20 at 12:02 +0100, Jordi Massaguer Pla wrote:
Hi packagers,

I am packaging docker and we have this problem that if a user runs
unattended update, docker gets updated and so restarted. However,
is causing downtime issues on their services which are inside

I know there is the "--skip-interactive" flag for zypper ...

So my question is. Should we mark docker as "interactive" and if so,
do we do that?

That's not the right approach

Should we not restart docker when installing? I think you should, but
I wrong?

There is a config flag in /etc/susconfig that gives users control over
if they normally want their services restarted on update (which is the
default and we should keep doing for all services that do not 'break
the update sequence')

See /etc/sysconfig/services:

Packages that KNOW that they case very negative effects on restart
(e.g. dbus, the X server, PackageKit) can export this variable in their
post script just before executing the service handling macros. But for
docker, where the issue is 'only' downtime, I'd argue it is up to the
admin to decide if he wants to skip the restart (by setting the
corresponding variables in his system) - and thus take care of actually
enabling the new services, or not (follow the default, restart the
service up update)

Are there other packages with similar problems? mariadb?

The 'rule' is basically: if the service can be restarted without
impacting the update session, it should be done. Known exceptions so
far are:
* PackageKit: users updating with any PK-related tool would result in
an interrupted system update - hence PK must not be restarted
* xdm: a restart of the display-manager terminates running X-sessions
of a user. This clearly impacts the running update process if not done
in a screen/tmux session (or on a text console)
* dbus-1: just seen last week: restarting dbus makes pretty much all
running dbus-sessions disapear. with X running on systemd-logind
nowadays, this is a bad idea.

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