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Re: [opensuse-packaging] RFC: moving from separate users to user monitoring for everything

Am Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017, 13:17:40 CET schrieb Lars Vogdt:
I'm maintaining some packages in the server:monitoring repository and
want to make my live a bit easier in the future (and I hope that also
our users will benefit from it)...

At the moment, we follow upstream very close regarding the names of
the users and groups used for monitoring related packages (and
especially daemons):

Package | User(s) | Group(s)
icinga | icinga | icinga, icingacmd
naemon | naemon | naemon
nagios | nagios | nagios, nagcmd
shinken | shinken | shinken
zabbix | zabbix, zabbixs | zabbix, zabbixs

Please note that at least icinga, naemon, nagios and shinken are very
similar and even their configuration is more or less compatible. So
you can easily migrate between the different daemons without too much
administration overhead.

Does "more or less compatible" also mean that they store their
configuration and the collected data in the same directories?

A lot of 3rd party applications want to get access to sockets,
directories or other parts, that belong to the corresponding daemon

So instead of maintaining a growing list of packages that require more
and more time for packaging and maintenance (to support users by
providing help to install 3rd party app X together with daemon Y), I
like to get your feedback about the following approach:

* use only the following users - at least for the packages icinga,
nagios, naemon and shinken: monitoring
* use only the following main group: monitoring
* use only the following sub-group: monitorcmd

That would allow the 3rd party applications/packages to use the same
user/group without any modifications.

Do these 3rd party applications need full access to all files owned by
the "monitoring" user, or only by some of them (like sockets)?

Would it be an option to create "monitoring" and "monitorcmd" groups and
to make the relevant files group-writeable while keeping the separate
"nagios" etc. users?


Christian Boltz
Let me know when you once find some actual outcome of SUCH a thread...
[Dominique Leuenberger in opensuse-factory]

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