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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Conflicting gcc versions?
On Thu, 5 Jan 2017, Ludwig Nussel wrote:

Richard Biener wrote:
Yeah, not sure why 42.2 doesn't mirror what SLE12 does here. I think I
remember that GCC 6 was taken into 42.2 "early" (before we actually
released the Toolchain module update), so it has probably been

Well, those in charge of the project config were not notified of any
required changes. gcc6 came to 42.2 via automatic bot submission
from Factory in August. You approved the submission yourself.

Yes, but we've had a discussion on the hallway about this and I didn't
care either way.

SLE released gcc6 as maintenance update for GA in September.

So why was it then not "pushed"/"auto-submitted" to 42.2 from that then?
But yes, unfortunately required project config changes are not tied
to packages.

AFAICS a mix of gcc 4.8, gcc 5 and gcc 6 libraries is used in SLE.
So we end up with three compilers in Ring0 now?

Quite possibly yes, though only gcc48 should take part in the
"bootstrapping", gcc5 and gcc6 should just build once.


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