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Re: [opensuse-packaging] how to avoid SUSE-Backports-policy-SLE-conflict
On Tue, Jan 03, Marcus Meissner wrote:

Olaf, just open a bug describing the change you do in build-compare and
submit an updated build-compare for SLE12.

In case of build-compare just _link to openSUSE:Factory/build-compare.
It is always safe to use the latest version of that package.
If not, give me a call.

But it turned out the whole check is flawed because its not easy to use
the Backports project as a base for other projects.

I was hoping for a repo stack like this:

If myprj needs 'X-devel' its not possible to rebuild X in myprj because
the checks inherited from Backports cause a build failure, even if X is
_linked from SUSE:SLE-12-SP2:GA/X (or wherever X was initially

So either all the missing devel packages get published, or Backports
rebuilds all of the packages with missing devel packages, or each myprj
has to continue to duplicate these packages.

In the meantime I will stop using the Backports project as base.

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