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Re: [opensuse-packaging] python single-spec progress, questions
On 10/29/2016 12:04 PM, Robert Schweikert wrote:
So let me revise this proposal and expand on it just a little bit.

So my proposal for package names, meaning the names seen when looking at
d:l:p in the web UI:

- python2-foo
-> a package that produces only a python2-foo binary package
- python-foo
-> a package that may produce a python3-foo and python2-foo binary
package or a python3-foo package only

And we would drop python-foo as binary package names. We could then add
Provides: python-foo to the spec files, via macro. As long as Python-2
is the default interpreter the python2-foo packages provide python-foo
and when Python-3 becomes the default interpreter than the python3-foo
packages will provide python-foo. This was it is all the same for the
end user:

zypper in python-foo

will provide the package that matches the default interpreter for the
I like this idea.

And if there's no python3 version of the package, then python-foo is
provided by python3-foo or not?


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