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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Extensions for specification of application binary/programming interfaces?
Le mardi 26 janvier 2016 à 12:03 +0100, Ludwig Nussel a écrit :
Jan Engelhardt wrote:
On Saturday 2016-01-23 11:20, SF Markus Elfring wrote:

The problem is with lazy upstream developers who do not update
these "marks" *at all* when they made a change.

Do they need any additional and enhanced tools which will make
the desired tag (or SONAME) maintenance more convenient and safe?

We have tools. The "libabigail" package has utilities to find
incompatibilities. They are especially useful for languages with
complex symbol names, for example as they occur with C++.

The problem is that developers just don't do anything about it
even if they knew about the existence of these tools.

I wrote a review bot that compares abi changes in submit/maintenance
requests and complains if there are incompatibilities:

It uses the abi-compliance-checker tool which maybe was not
necessarily the best choice, let's say it that way :-) It's not as
reliable as I had wished for so I so far hesiated to activate it for
Factory as is. Maybe it's worth investigating the use of libabigail
for it at some point.

And as a side comment regarding libabigail (I already told Ludwig, but
let's share the word), if you find missing features in it, contact the
upstream developer, he is very interested in integrating new features !

Frederic Crozat
Enterprise Desktop Release Manager

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